The addicting Earn To Die 4

Millions of online game players play Earn to Die games. The Earn to Die game series is one of the most successful driving games you will find over the internet. It is probably because of the zombies or simply because of the gameplay. Whichever is, the Earn to Die game series is an addicting action adventure racing game.


The story of the first Earn to Die began when the zombies invaded your hometown. You were among the very few survivors. You know you must find a way to escape and you believe there must be some place that no zombies could infest. While looking around, you saw from not so far away a helicopter. You knew the helicopter could bring you somewhere away from all these zombies. But you need a vehicle to get there.

And in the first Earn to Die, one wheel upgrade is missing. Now, in Earn to Die 4, the super wheel had been found. Play the original game again with all its improvements and complete upgrades. Just like in the first Earn to Die, you will start off with the small hatchback. Each run is equal to a day. You earn cash for the number of zombies you have killed and the distance your vehicle had ran. At the end of the day, upgrade your vehicle for better performance the following day. Upgrading the fuel tank first would be advisable.

The second vehicle in Earn to Die 4 is the good old pickup. And the third and last vehicle is the heavy truck. When you can already afford it, buy the tougher vehicle. You can opt to buy the third vehicle which is the heavy truck if you have earned enough cash. Though, that will take too long. You can easily earn more cash if you buy the old good pickup first. Take note too, like in the previous Earn to Die games, the upgrades you have made in one vehicle is incompatible with the other vehicles.

Earn to Die 4 is as addicting as the other Earn to Die games. It will really hook you up for hours. Challenge yourself to finish Earn to Die 4 sooner than you have finished the first Earn to Die.

Hiroads Unblocked

Are you looking for a game to play on your free time? Do you want something that will not stress you at all? Try playing the game Hiroads. Your skills and patience will be tested as you play this entertaining game.


The game Hiroads is an addicting skill game. You will control the ball using the arrow keys or the ASWD keys. Use the spacebar or the letter Z key to make it jump. You have to be quick for the game is in fast-pace mode. There are twenty seven unique levels to get through. You must be careful though, your ball cannot crash or fall from the platform or else, you will die. Not to worry though, there is no limit to your life and no count as to how many times you died.

In the Main Menu, aside from the Start button, you will also find the Options, Instructions and More Roads menus. In the Options Menu, you can set the Depth of View either to Near or Far. You can also turn on or off the Music and sound effect. In the Instructions menu, you will see the list of the controls to use and special tiles. It was also mentioned that you get bonus when you run at full speed. And when you choose More Roads, you will be brought to the game’s official website.

The game Hiroads is totally free to play. However, in the official website, you can either register or login to an account so you can access the level editor and the community. In the level editor, you can create your own roads and share it with friends or other players from all over the world. In the community, you can share your thoughts about the game or read on comments from other players.

Finish the last Red Ball 4

Red Ball 6 is another episode of the game series Red Ball that you can find in the red ball official website. This is one of the most played games online. Just the same in the previous episodes of this game, the Red Ball must be guided in its journey up to the end of the level. Do not be complacent because there are several obstacles along the way. Do everything you can to pass through all the challenges and try to accomplish your mission in the shortest possible time. This episode has a colorful graphic design and good storyline to make it more exciting. You will surely be hooked once you played Red Ball 6 in the red ball official site.


Red Ball 6 is the last episode of Red Ball 4. This series has additional interesting levels, stronger enemies, harder obstacles and exciting achievements. Your main goal is to bring the ball at the end of every level, but at the same time you also have to prevent the bad black squares’ Big Boss from turning the whole world into a dark black square. Be careful in going to the deadly factory. Remember, in the said factory, red balls are becoming red squares. Just roll, jump, roll and jump along different obstacles on your way. Your accomplishments are being tracked in the achievements room. You can monitor that at the level set menu.

As you go on to your journey, try to collect the stars that you will see along your way. Those stars will give you a satisfactory score. Just don’t forget, black squares will always prevent you in attaining your goal. But those black squares can easily be killed by jumping on them. Do it carefully. Do not let the lasers hit you in anyway. Remember, when you jump and fail, that is equal to a life loss.

Red Ball 6 has fifteen challenging yet exciting levels to accomplish. Once you reach the last level, the Big Boss is waiting for you to challenge him. Do not under estimate his capability for he is not an easy opponent. But if you are that dedicated to win the game, do everything you can to defeat him. Play the game for free at