Finish the last Red Ball 4

Red Ball 6 is another episode of the game series Red Ball that you can find in the red ball official website. This is one of the most played games online. Just the same in the previous episodes of this game, the Red Ball must be guided in its journey up to the end of the level. Do not be complacent because there are several obstacles along the way. Do everything you can to pass through all the challenges and try to accomplish your mission in the shortest possible time. This episode has a colorful graphic design and good storyline to make it more exciting. You will surely be hooked once you played Red Ball 6 in the red ball official site.


Red Ball 6 is the last episode of Red Ball 4. This series has additional interesting levels, stronger enemies, harder obstacles and exciting achievements. Your main goal is to bring the ball at the end of every level, but at the same time you also have to prevent the bad black squares’ Big Boss from turning the whole world into a dark black square. Be careful in going to the deadly factory. Remember, in the said factory, red balls are becoming red squares. Just roll, jump, roll and jump along different obstacles on your way. Your accomplishments are being tracked in the achievements room. You can monitor that at the level set menu.

As you go on to your journey, try to collect the stars that you will see along your way. Those stars will give you a satisfactory score. Just don’t forget, black squares will always prevent you in attaining your goal. But those black squares can easily be killed by jumping on them. Do it carefully. Do not let the lasers hit you in anyway. Remember, when you jump and fail, that is equal to a life loss.

Red Ball 6 has fifteen challenging yet exciting levels to accomplish. Once you reach the last level, the Big Boss is waiting for you to challenge him. Do not under estimate his capability for he is not an easy opponent. But if you are that dedicated to win the game, do everything you can to defeat him. Play the game for free at

Comparing the Vex games

If you are looking for a challenging adrenaline rush-giving game, look not too far. Play the Vex game series and spice up your gaming experience. Help the stick figure run, jump, climb, slide and swim through each level. Do not be complacent though, it would not be an easy journey. There are lots of deadly obstacles along your way. Play all installments for free at and see if you can make it to the end.

In all series, the pre-developed game starts with a Tutorial stage. It is there to help your hand get a grip on the controls you will be using on the stick figure. And to also help you warm up on how the flow of the game will be. The Tutorial stage is followed by the levels or Acts, as they are called in Vex games. In Vex 1, there are eight Acts to go through and the Credit stage. In Vex 2, there are nine Acts and additional deadly obstacles. In Vex 3, the longest in the series, there are ten Acts and nine Challenge levels.


In the Main Menu, there is the Stage Builder Mode. It is where you can show off your talent in architecture and art. You can build your own stage in your own style. You can make it as easy as you want or as hard and challenging as possible. Then you can share your stage to friends. In Vex 1, however, you have to play the pre-developed game so you could unlock building packs. The same is true with Vex 2, however, there are more building tools already unlocked compared to the first game. In Vex 3, your building tool is complete with obstacles, platforms and extras. But if you want more, you will unlock more when you play the pre-developed game.

In Vex 1, you will only find three choices in the Menu: Play, Stage Builder and Options. The Options is where you can set on or off the music and sound effect, set the quality of the game and other settings. While in Vex 2, the Achievements room was introduced. It is an additional challenge to complete all twenty nine Achievements. In Vex 3, the Achievements were replaced by the Trophies room which has forty trophies.

Drive furiously and efficiently with Devilish Moto Trial

Do you have an idea what Devilish Moto Trial is? Does it have something to do with a famous movie, a television series or a flash game? If you think of the first and second options, you are incorrect because Devilish Moto Trial is an example of a flash game about driving and speed. If you are one of the speed gamers out there, then this is the perfect medium for you. This is a game that features a motorbike that you should be able to utilize in this game. There are ten exciting levels to ponder and play.

Your ultimate goal is to complete the tracks with the fastest time possible. There will be hinders along the way which you have to overcome successfully. The most important rule is to not fall or you will have to start all over again. Devilish Moto Trial is not about evil or harsh thing but a furious and wild way of driving to the finish line.