Practice Your Jumps in Fancy Pants 4

From the hit games series Fancy Pants comes its fourth installment, the Fancy Pants 4. In the fourth offering of this great addicting game, a new plot is introduced. You energetic character with the fancy baggy pants and pointed hair is out to get to the mean pirates and beat them up to take back the stolen treasure.


The game as like its previous versions, needs you to solve a jumping puzzle to complete the level and into the next one collecting as much swirly as you can to attain a high score. The controls are still the accustomed keys for all its previous versions, that is the arrows left, right and down to move left, right and under respectively. The up arrow is for opening doors and the S key is used for jumping. Fancy Pants 4 is a platform game perfect for those who loves a cool action packed game, you think you are one of them? Then you should therefore check this one out.